Greetings Fellow Anglers Club Members:

The Fishing Committee, with the considerable help of M. Alfredo Jara, our Assistant General Manager, and Harbormaster Captain Stacey Perkins would like to announce the creation of a new resource and exclusive platform with the sole purpose of making the fishing activities of our Club Members available for the perusal of all KLAC Members.

As designed, when a Club Member makes a significant catch, he or she would post it (along with photos and or videos) on our private App. Examples of such a post would be “I caught 5 Dolphin in 625 feet of water” or “I caught a 100 lbs. tarpon in the Bay”. Of course, the Club Member would not be asked to reveal his or her ultra-secret spots unless they wanted to.

All this information would be available to all KLAC Members who download the App and inform the Fishing Committee they would like to be part of this private virtual community. People who do not fish every day would find this information useful in planning an occasional fishing trip. People who have been away and are returning could see what has been biting recently, what bait is around, or what tournaments are coming up. For those who do not really fish but like to see great photos this Members-only App would be very entertaining.

To participate, all you have to do is go to the App Store and Download “WhatsApp”. Having done this, you would then notify Capt. Stacey Perkins, or Alfredo Jara, and they would invite you to join this private community – it is as simple as that.

The site is up and running now, as a test, and there are quite a few posts and photos already. Captain Augie Moss has a great video of a Tarpon going airborne. The more people involved, the better the information. We encourage everyone to participate in this reserved community blog. If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the undersigned.

Tight lines!

Debbie Link & Nelson Abanto
The KLAC Fishing Committee