This private park, this beautifully preserved natural working ecosystem,  only exists because of the foresight and continuing generosity of our members, thank you ALL for your support.
Volunteer field work gladly accepted, kids welcome, and it can be fun!  So come on out with your gloves on and we will move fish or change filters or trim branches or scoop algae or paint something.  Contact to make a plan.  
501-c3 Tax-Deductible Financial Contributions of cash or securities can be made payable to the Ocean Reef Community Foundation, noting For the Anglers Club Lakes Fund, at 35 Ocean Reef Drive, Suite 148, Key Largo, FL 33037,  (Email = , phone 305-367-4707), or simply leave a check made out to the Foundation with Jessica Lott or Debra West at the Anglers Club front desk and they will see that it gets to the right place.
You could also help with the Park’s non tax-deductible supply and maintenance expenses by check or member charge to the Key Largo Anglers Club, noting Memorial Tree Fund in the subject line.